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  • Take your coaching to the next level
  • Know how to evaluate your coaching practice
  • Work the way you want to be working
  • Create an action plan to take your practice forward

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Meet Cherri

I live and work in Hilton, KZN, South Africa.

I have coached most my life- firstly as a Sports Coach, and then as a Life Coach. Coaching comes to me as naturally as breathing. As much as I am passionate about my work, I am also a proud wife, mother, grandmother and friend.

I have a varied Coaching practice, however my niche’s are:   

  • Helping Coaches
  • Grief
  • Emotional Resilience

I have over 5 000 hours of coaching experience. I feel very strongly that we have to be excellent in our role as Coaches, because we have a huge responsibility to do the very best for our clients.

I believe in the principles of wholehearted, value based living and aspire to live every day with integrity, love and balance. I value balance in my life and it has helped me have the strength for the challenging times we all experience in our lives. I have harnessed those life challenges to make me a far more empathetic, supportive and understanding person and coach.

What you will learn…

  • What the strengths of your Coaching Practice are.
  • How to evaluate how your coaching practice is doing.
  • Identify areas of development for your practice.
  • How you need to work in order to get more work/life balance.
  • Learn whether you have a balanced and sustainable business.
  • How to gain confidence as you challenge yourself to do things differently.
  • How to clarify the Vision you have for your Coaching Practice.
  • Learn from like-minded coaches on the course.

My MBA for Coaches IS FOR YOU if you can identify with any of the following:

  • You have an established and successful business and are driven to improve the quality of your coaching.
  • You are needing personal guidance and mentoring in taking your coaching to the next level, but you have no way to evaluate where you can improve your practice.
  • You want to have more work/life balance but feel you have to say YES to all work, and so you end up overworking. Do you need to learn how to say NO to work you don’t want?
  • You want to put your time to the best use every day but you need to have a clear vision of what you want your practice to look like. Then you can focus on what is important.

This is NOT for you if:

  • You don’t like to be introspective.
  • You don’t like to be challenged.
  • You are quite happy with your coaching practice as it is.
  • You aren’t open to new ways of seeing and doing things.

Key points that we will be covering…

Day 1

Snapshot of your Coaching practice – using the Coaching Wheel

We will complete the Coaching Wheel that you will download before we begin, and we will discuss the prizes to be won.

Day 2

“I can see clearly now” – Areas of my coaching practice needing TLC

We will identify your areas of concern and analyse the questions from the “Evaluate your Coaching Practice” eBook.

Day 3

Thinking without limits – my dreams for my coaching practice

We will discuss how you would like to be Coaching.

Day 4

Clarify my vision

We will discuss the topic of clarifying your vision for your Practice.

Day 5

Full steam ahead! Action plan for change

We will consolidate the week and work out your action plan for change in your Coaching Practice.

Coaching tips for you – get a feel of how I think.

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Be one of the 5% of people worldwide who have the courage to change. I encourage and support you all the way! 

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Sessions will be 1 hour per day in the evening between 31 January – 4 February (5pm SAST, 3pm UK and 10am EST).

Recordings available for those in different time zones.

I will also be giving you a FREE “Evaluate Your Coaching Practice” workbook that will assist you in determining where your practice currently stands, and the path forward to help you reach your goals.