Find balance in your mind and body.

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Put the very best version of yourself out into the world.

Life coaching may be for you if you can identify with any of these thoughts:

  • I want a happy, balanced life.
  • I’m not reaching my full potential.
  • I need help and clarity in the direction my life and work are taking.


hi! welcome,

I’m Cherri

I have always worked with people, and am passionate about the work I do. I believe in the essential goodness of the human spirit and believe that if we are encouraged during the challenging times of our lives, so that we grow and don’t become embittered and negative-then we there is no stopping us. We will astound ourselves with what we can achieve if we set our minds to doing it! We are our thoughts, so if we can control our thoughts, we can control our behaviour and destiny!

Are you ready to try the Life Coaching Journey?

What is essential in the Life Coaching Journey? 

Your time, motivation, having the courage to change and the desire for personal growth and self discovery.

I specialise in…



Most people will experience loss sooner or later in their lives, and they will enter a grieving process. My goal is to assist you in dealing with this process in a personalised, real and healthy way.


Burn-out, CFS & Chronic Illnesses

I help these individuals by providing the tools to deal with the day to day demands of work/life, and getting them reinvested fully in their life.


Emotional Resilience

By learning to “roll with the punches” and adjust to adversity one can learn to truly experience the wealth of healthy living. I help people negotiate both short or long term adversity. Don’t be trapped in victim mode! 


Coach Training

One of my passions is to ensure that we have top quality Coaches. I challenge qualified coaches to improve their skills, grow in their practices and empower them to offer more to their clients. I also mentor and support them in their practices.

A few words from my clients: