A little more about me...

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Hi there

I have always worked with people, and am passionate about the work I do. I believe in the essential goodness of the human spirit and believe that if we are encouraged during the challenging times of our lives so that we grow and don’t become embittered and negative-then we there is no stopping us. We will astound ourselves with what we can achieve if we set our minds to doing it! We are our thoughts, so if we learn to control our thoughts, we can control our behaviour and destiny!

I love...

  • Spending Time With My Husband, Children & Grandchildren

  • Keeping Fit by Running & Walking

  • Beautiful Music

  • Quality Time With Friends

Looking back and seeing how far I've come...


On August 3rd 2009, I opened my doors as a Coach for the first time. There was a feeling of great excitement, and anticipation as I started out on this new career.

2013 - 2017

2013 I ran the Advanced Coach Training Course for New Insights in Cape Town for the first time. I am passionate about ensuring that our Coaches are trained properly because we hold our clients gently in the palm of our hands- and this is a great and sacred responsibility.

In 2013, I completed the Foundations of Corporate Coaching Qualification successfully in January.

In 2014, I Completed the Neuroscience of Coaching by Mary Ovenstone, and also the Transactional Analysis course run by Karen Pratt.

In 2017, I Qualified in the Neuromodulation Course run by Dr Ian Weinberg.

2010 - 2019

I hosted workshop on various "difficult" topics- Grief, Forgiveness, Emotional Resilience, Goal setting, and various workshops for Coaches.


In February 2023 I qualified to administer the 6 seconds Emotional Intelligence tests.

I launched my online course Emotional Intelligence in Action- Power Skills for Businesses.

I would love to work with you!

You will literally astound yourself with what you are capable of! Let me help you unlock your potential so that you are living and working the way you always dreamed of.

"I never would have imagined I would have had the opportunity to work with such wonderful clients, and helped them achieve great heights!"

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