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I chatted with my sister last night. We ended up reminiscing and chatted about past relationships we were in and how, randomly, on both occasions you had assisted us in moving on from that. With both my sister and I you had simply listened at the time, and asked a pertinent question which truly changed the course of our futures from that point onwards. For both of us, that mere question was the catalyst that got us moving on from what were, at the time, very toxic relationships.

It made us realise the impact you had in getting us to where we are today and now, looking back, would like to thank you for listening and helping us help ourselves apologies if this comes out of the blue, but I do feel I should share with you the part you played.

All my working life I believed hard work and fun had its rewards. I focused 200% on my work and family and enjoyed the joy of local and international travel. But at the age of 58 I encountered burnout. After the shock of what happened to me I began to search for answers.

I eventually found the Cherry’s programme. It has helped me to reinvent myself and find new meaning in my life. I had to discover a new normal where I would not overextend myself. Cherry took time to set a new course, help me rediscover my emotional needs and my motivation, My long-held dreams for retirement made little sense anymore. She worked extensively on the topic that my life had to slow down to 5% but still be fun and inspirational. It has been an evolving process which I can honestly feel has worked for me. My family have seen my progress. And most importantly, I now look forward to life and my new road filled with possibilities I never imagined.

Whether you are looking to be a life coach or be coached it is important to get a feel for what coaching is really about and have a connection with the coach.

I had been looking at my life when I came across a life coaching course. The first thing that struck me was before I started the course I needed my own coach, else if I have not been through the process myself, how could I coach anyone else. After reading many introductions that coaches had written, I came across Cherri Forsyth. My first impression and word that came to mind was Cherri is real. Her photo said the same. Once I spoke to her, you could hear the smile in her voice. Cherri is kind, tough, compassionate she uses her life experience of which they have been many and a host of coaching skills to help you. Cherri and I had a connection that had endured long after my sessions. During my coaching my father got cancer and if it had not been for Cherri and her empathy when he finally lost his battle with cancer I would not be who I am today.

Thank you for all you help. I do appreciate your wisdom and support.

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