Emotional Intelligence

Why is Emotional Intelligence so important? It helps us EASE our way through life. We can find ourselves challenged many times a day, because we didn't know how to handle either the situation, or ourselves, or the other person? If we have more knowledge and more tools, we would find each day easier- how amazing would that be?

Emotional Intelligence consists of various competencies, depending on which school of thought you subscribe to. But essentially it is:

  • 1 Self-Awareness
  • 2 Self-Regulation
  • 3 Social Awareness
  • 4 Regulating Our Interactions With Others
  • 5 Empathy
  • 6 Motivation

I am trained through 6 Seconds- (an international emotional intelligence organisation), and annually they produce a State of the Heart report. This is feedback on the research conducted worldwide on our Emotional State. In the last 4 years, our EI has declined in all 8 competencies, burnout has never been higher, and levels of anxiety are increasing. We need to do something drastic! I will comment more in my next blog on the State of the Heart report in more detail.

Be smarter with your emotions. Emotions drive people, and people supporting context. Consider your audience and what matters to them, and provide insights that support your topic.