Why is Emotional Intelligence so important? Because it allows us to EASE through our lives. If we don’t have self knowledge, or knowledge of how to deal with other, there can be many situations daily which challenge us. How amazing would it be if we had knowledge and tools to help us deal with each challenging situation? And at the end of most days, we would feel less exhausted, harried, overwhelmed and anxious. And we would feel these feelings because we would have navigated our way through our day in a much better way.

Our global Emotional Intelligence in on the decline, and has been for the last 4 years. This is according to the annual State of the Heart report, which consists of research conducted globally. We have to do something to stop this trend!

Emotional Intelligence consists of various competencies, but broadly falls under 2 categories- our self, and then how we deal with others. it looks like this:

SELF- awareness, and how we regulate our self and our emotions

OTHERS- awareness of others and how we navigate our interactions with others.

According to 6 seconds – the international Emotional Intelligence Organisation, there are 8 main competencies which make up our Emotional Intelligence. They are:

  1. Enhance Emotional Literacy
  2. Recognise Patterns in our behaviour
  3. Apply Consequential thinking
  4. Navigating Emotions
  5. Engage Intrinsic Motivation
  6. Exercise Optimism
  7. Increase Empathy
  8. Pursue Noble Goals.

I will discuss these in more detail in my next blogs.

My challenge for you: Try to become more aware of your emotional states throughout the day- keep a daily list if that will help you!

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