Change Your Life

Life coaching may be for you if you can identify with any of these thoughts:

Do you want a happy, balanced life?

Do you want to reach your full potential?

Do you want to set goals in your life and achieve them?

How people have benefitted from life coaching

The course made me realise how beliefs and values have such a huge impact on our lives.  Understanding how they work, and using the tools given in these sessions was very liberating.


You have  inspired me, encouraged me and believed in me; and this has empowered me to believe in myself and be able to inspire others.  Coaching empowered me to identify goals, dreams and potential within myself, and taught me the skills to be able to achieve all that I am capable of.


I believe in myself. This course has been life changing for me . I am living my dream now.


It took a year for me to make the changes I became aware of whilst doing the course. I am now so excited about what I am doing with my life!


I specialize in the following areas:


Burn-out , CFS and Chronic Illnesses and how to cope with them

Mental training for Elite Athletes

Coach Training

Emotional Resilience

Peak Performance

How the Life Coaching Process Works

Contact me for your coaching needs

I can coach you from anywhere in the world as long as you have skype (or similar). I  do face to face sessions. I  coach on a one to one basis, or couples coaching.  I also coach groups-  special interest groups, bookclubs, women’s groups etc. I tailor- make the programme to meet your needs.

I can also come to your business and coach your “chosen few” there- this is a Life Coaching, not a Business Coaching Course.  In other words I will help your staff to be a better person, more balanced and therefore their efficiency at work will also improve.

How long & how often are sessions?

I usually have a session with you every 2 weeks, for an average time of about 6 months. The time between sessions can be negotiated. My goal is to equip you with skills, and then let you fly. This programme has been specifically designed to help you to achieve peak performance.

Find answers to your questions

We work together as a team so that you can achieve your goals, and change your life to make it what you want it to be.  I help you tap into your internal wisdom, and you find the answers, I  just ask the questions.  You sign up for a life changing programme- not just a few sessions you think will help you a little bit . I only work with highly motivated individuals who are totally inspired by new goals in life.

What is my part to play in the coaching process?

  • The sessions take about 1 hour 30 mins, except for younger clients and athlete sessions which are approximately 1 hour.
  • Your time, motivation, and courage to change, and the need for personal development and self discovery are essential to the process.
  • If we are doing the sessions on Skype, then it is recommended that you print out the notes I email you per session.
  • In between the coaching sessions, both you and I will be working, so you need to have time in your week to do your preparation for the next session.

How should I budget for my life coaching sessions?

Cost of individual sessions determined by locality and whether sessions are for individuals or groups. Cost of workshops depend on length of time. Please contact me to find out more.

Let’s meet together and discuss the way forward

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Your time, motivation, and courage to change, and the need for personal development and self discovery are essential in the life coaching journey.

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